Which Linux is the closest to Windows 7 or Windows 8?

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I need to install Linux/debian on my laptop at work but I've been using Windows since I've learned to use computer.I've heard that it is much more complicated system than Windows and not easy to get going. So I want to check if there is some Linux version that is close to Windows system? By closest to Windows I mean visual appearance and software use, especially office. Thanks!

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Which Linux is the closest to Windows 7 or Windows 8?


I guess you probably got scared with all the information you read about the Linux operating system. Though I haven’t used it actually, I have already seen the way it looks on the computer or its desktop interface. It is pretty much the same with how Microsoft Windows is displayed on the desktop.

The difference is when using applications and the manner you install them in case you need to install one. The desktop interface of a Linux operating system already comes with different applications ready to use just like Windows. But unlike Windows, watching a video or a movie is probably different.

In Windows, the media player used to play the video is already available, the Windows Media Player which is the default media player of Microsoft Windows. In Linux, it doesn’t come with a media player. If you want to watch a video, the media player has to be installed first.

It doesn’t have a readily available media player application for users to immediately use. Their explanation to this is because of copyright issues. I guess if you want to try Linux that can easily be used and less complicated, you should try Linux Ubuntu since it is the popular. For more information about Linux Ubuntu and how to download, visit Download Ubuntu Desktop.

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