Which is Better Android or iPhone?

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I wonder which is better between Android and iPhone devices. Which of the two actually works best and offers their users the best features? I'm using an old mobile device and would want to upgrade to the latest tech. But I am getting confused on which of the two is the best. Can you help me? Thanks.

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Which is Better Android or iPhone?


Personally, I think Android is better than iOS or iPhone devices. It offers a lot that can entertain their users. But in some ways, especially with how I navigate with iOS devices, I like it much better than Android.

According to many users, iPhone now has added a 4G LTE support along with a faster CPU. But Android has these features for quite some time now. IPhone has still the same smaller screens which is 3.5-4 inch display only. In Android, there is a 5.5-inch Galaxy Note II which considered as large. A larger screen display will make your video most easier to watch. Android has the Near Field Communication (NFC) that can let the user send out payments, share pictures, contacts, videos and more. IPhone 5 added more icons which will let you see the TweetDeck icon without scrolling. But in Android, you have a static set of apps icons with five to seven screens. You can put interactive widgets such as your social media updates, battery life, message alerts and weather infos.

IPhone uses a lightning connector instead of the standard micro USB. But iPhone offers an adapter. However, you still need to spend some bucks to buy accessories especially for older iPhones that has a large dock connector.

You can have as many keyboards as you like in iPhone but it needs to be compatible with your iOS version. In Android, you have the chance to install any third-party keyboard that you like. Also, some Android keyboards has the Swype feature that allows you to make words just by tracing on the keyboard letters and Swiftkey that predicts your next word. And best of all, you can buy and connect a real physical keyboard into it.

Android also allows the users to attach any files on their emails, either on Gmail app or any third-party email providers. There is always a attachment option included in Android. Older iPhone's doesn't have this feature but on iPhone 5, they included an attachment option but you can only attach images ir videos. What if you need to send a PowerPoint presentation ort a doc file? Android is capable of doing it.

In Android, there is always a Share button on the photo gallery. When you tap on the Share button, there is a list of apps where you can share your photos. You can share it from Facebook Bluetooth transfers. In Apple, Safari and iOS photo gallery can only share to Facebook, Twitter, Email, Google, Pinterest, Gtalk, Flickr and more.

When you connect your Android device to your PC and mount the storage, you can access all the files and folders of your device. Just like the same way you browse in your hard drive. You can just drag and drop if you want to copy anything to your device.  If you plug your iPhone device to your computer, you have the access to your DCIM folder only where you can drag and drop pictures alone. You can copy through iTunes but Apple won't allow you to see the iPhone folders.

There are more distinctions between the two, but overall, Android is more handy than iPhone. Although some Android devices are slow, they still have their unique features that is really helpful to their users.

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