Which is better PS4 or XBOX One

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Which is better PS4 or XBOX One

I am having a tough time deciding which to buy. Can anyone suggest please?

Detailed info about each device side by side

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Which is better PS4 or XBOX One


You should go for the PS4 it will have the next generation Visuals plus it would have a lot additional features of its controller. Another great feature will be the remote play. And also there it goes the play station camera. Even a standby mode when you are out getting some snacks. Xbox one new feature is just the sky drive app but you can connect the PS4 to the cloud/internet and the internet can do more than that.

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Which is better PS4 or XBOX One

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I would say Playstation 4, mainly because of the fact that the information that has come out has been clearer in case of PS4. We all know we will be getting a great game console and a couple of good games on release, whereas Microsoft is in danger of wandering into Jack of all trades, master of none territory. Although E3 can change all this. With roughly almost nine months remaining until launch, the battle is drawn, now we just need to wait for either company's opening salvo. So PS4 is my final verdict.

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Which is better PS4 or XBOX One



To help you in your problem, I will show you a head to head battle between XBOX One and PS4. Let's do this step by step:

1st Round (Console Design):

Xbox One shows a fresh presentation of box for convenient entertainment. It has a Blu-ray disc drive in front whereas the cable-needed devices can be hook up at the back for cleaner look set up. In the difference of Xbox 360, this new gadget is position horizontally for venting and air flow design. To communicate with other devices, Xbox One have HDMI in/outputs, IR port, Kinect sensor port, Ethernet port, USB ports, and S/PDIF connector.

On the other hand, PS4 is smaller and not so distant look similar to Xbox One. With its forceful look, it has an angular and smooth design with no round and curves through its corners. It can be positioned either horizontally or vertically depending on the space vacant in your home theatre. PS4 has Blu-ray disc drive three times faster than PS3. It also includes Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, Bluetooth, USB Ports, an auxiliary port for PS camera and a motion detection camera (introduced already in PS3). Same as Xbox One, it has HDMI in/outputs.

Evaluation for 1st Round: 

Modern look design: PS4

Organize look design (when it comes in connecting cables): Xbox One

Connectivity Features: PS4

Winner: PS4

2nd Round (Features and Capabilities) 

Xbox One has a single patch and can be played offline forever. But to avoid the new and interesting features, better go online for quite some time. It can detect six people conditions such as facial expressions, etc. If you want to challenge the right opponent for you, this gadget fist on you since it can search for your perfect match depending on the age, skill level, and language. Also, your account from Xbox 360 can be used up. And here’s more, the last five minutes of your game can be reviewed since there is a DVR feature on this device. 

Let’s start the PS4 with the facial recognition system. Just calibrate it by taking photos of 3 different angles. Chat and messaging add up the feature of this item and can be integrated in your tablet or smartphones. The last 15 minutes of your game can be reviewed its images and even video clips to share on your Facebook and twitter account. If you are downloading, this is good for you since you can still play while waiting. To summarize the feature of this device, PS4 is moving on the next generation, to socialize with other people, to have a better connectivity. This is more than a game.

Evaluation for 2nd Round: 

Optical Drive: Both have Blu-ray DVD drive

Game DVR; Both 

RAM: 8GB both

CPU: 8 Cores both

Storage: 500GB both

External Storage: Xbox one has via USB

Removable HD: PS4 has

Cloud storage, Play while downloading, Account Access from multiple consoles: Both

Mandatory Game Installs: Xbox one has

Web Connection including Wi-Fi___33: both

Bluetooth: PS4 has

Wi-Fi___33 Direct for Device connection: Xbox One has

IR: Xbox one has

Winner: Draw

3rd Round (Price)

The Xbox one will range around $500 while the PS4 is a hundred cheaper to Xbox One. 

Winner: PS4


The decision is yours but the come to think the list of features, advantages and disadvantages stated above. It will depend on the current gadget you have. If you already have the Xbox devices and you are comfortable with it, you may use the Xbox One, or do the vice versa. Anyhow, it is just an upgrade on their old models. 

If you are a new user, you choose PS4. First, the price is cheaper. When it comes to features, they are almost the same. If you have to connect other devices, use the Bluetooth since PS4 doesn’t have a Wi-Fi Direct. 

Lastly, it is a matter of decision which will answer your wants and needs depending on the use you wanted to be.

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