Which is better? Android or Apple?

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This question must have been asked a gazillion times in which there would be different answers to one simple question. I would like to know which is the best out of this two most recent used OS for smart phones today, in terms of application wise, cost and even lifespan of the certain OS that comes with your mobile.

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Which is better? Android or Apple?


The User Interface or commonly known as UI is the gap between people and their machines. The objective of interface between them is the efficient process and operating the machine, and the result from the machine which assists the operator on making functioning decisions.

According to an iPad forum, I amenably questioned Honeycombs UI which are not yet ready for mainstream. Why on earth will they put an iPhone looks on an Android phone? We have a quality hardware and networks and I don't really understand why, I asked the forum why and one just said, people are illogical.

Both has a power button and similar icons. They are also both capable on downloading applications easily but I recommend Android which is way better than Apple in terms of downloading apps. But I still don't get it. Why Apple is better for a people that doesn't seem to be involved in ROMs or rooting?

Everything we can do on iPhone is also possible with Android. But in terms of graphics and designs on the icons, Apple is pretty amazing! It is very e-ye-catching and well done.

Android has been out for quite too long but it is not yet emerging though. I am really hoping that the ICS will be a good answer for this. Google I/O did not present enough glance. So I believe that it will happen and will somehow helps on the shattering issues with Android. So my question is, what is an ideal UI for you?

Is it the designs on buttons and animations? I chooses Android after not having any mobile phones for several years. I enjoyed remembering my friends phone numbers and I used AOL IM instead and my feet to interact with them. I am a grandfather when I got my first phone. Is it the user-friendly settings, press or long press into something or the notification bar on top to view your notifications? And also, the Market loaded with applications which you will just simply press Install to  install it. What is so hard about it?

I guess none. I started to believe that Apple became successful because or proper PR with pretty icons. And those things are the things that Android doesn't have.

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Which is better? Android or Apple?



This is in reference to your question, which is better, Android or Apple?

I prefer Android phone much more than the Apple iPhone because there are ten things Android phones do better than the Apple iPhones. Here are the ten things that you should know.

1. Browsing – Android default browser can load pages faster than the Apple safari. Android phones has flash support.

2. Desktop – The Android phone has widgets not like the Apple, it has no widgets.

3. Connectivity – Android phones has buttons for various connectivity options which will go a long way toward conserving battery life. On the Apple iPhone, you have to go to settings and navigate through various options.

4. PC Connection – Any operating system can do with the use of SD Card on Android phones.

5. Multi – Notification – Android phones has apps to access on the notification system and can all report.

6. Endless Personalization – Android phones allows users to configure their mobile to look and behave exactly how they want it.

7. Market – Apple apps are for sale, while Android apps are free.

8. Google Integration – Only Android phones  has the apps for Google.

9. Open Source – Android phones are open so it can be easily fixed.

10. Open to Carrier – Android phones can be unlocked easily.

Hope this is clear to you.

Teodora Skil

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