Which is the best product on my business (ISP)

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I would to ask when do you use Lease Lines and when do you use Ordinary DSL and When do you use BOD. There are many products available on our ISP in our country i'm a little confuse because some offer very low price and some offer me a very high   price since i'm a decision maker on my company i also rely on my IT staff but i also need suggestion from the experts here.

Hope you can help me.


Jason McGreen

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Which is the best product on my business (ISP)


Hi Jason,

Let me know what is your requirement? Lease Line is a expensive connection compare to the normal DSL. Lease Line is a dedicated internet access (point to point connection) from your client to your office "meaning" if the client applies 5mbps it will guarantee 5 mbps upload and download, it also guarantees no downtime. If there will be a cut connection due to calamity, the ISP will obligate to pay its rebate per hour. Leased line connection is ideal for the call centers (BPO) that needs a bandwidth hungry on their operations.
BOD stands for (Bandwidth on Demand), this function the same as the leased line but it has a feature that can boost bandwidth anytime you want it accommodate up to 100 mbps or more depending on the requirements of your upload and download, this is very expensive because it needs a fiber optic cable connection compare to normal DSL or Lease line which only requires copper cable.
Tony Stevenson

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