Which are the Best User Friendly Antivirus

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I use Avira Antivir; it is easy to use and user-friendly.

I know many others as well such as panda, kaspersky, norton360, AVG, etc.

But I have not used them as yet.

So far, I am content using Avira.

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Which are the Best User Friendly Antivirus


Antivirus is a program that protects your computer from harmful programs called viruses.

There are several antivirus programs in the market; I give you a hint below:

a) Kaspersky: now regarded as one of the best antivirus. But if you have too many viruses in your pc it  become useless and gives you incorrect messages.

b) AVG: it also a good antivirus. But its reputation is now in decline as when it found a critical virus it continuously restarted the compute.

c) Avira: seems to very strong but If you have any kind of win32 virus it cannot remove it.

d) MacAfee: it was one of the best antiviruses I ever seen. I use it without any kind of difficulties over two years without any new installation and not even a single virus got though. But their new addition is not that strong. It cannot detect any kind of strong virus. Now it is very weak antivirus.

I recommend Kaspersky.

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Which are the Best User Friendly Antivirus



Hello Reypalma06,

Nowadays, there are many antivirus which can be used in your computer.

But the best antivirus that I can recommend to you is AVG antivirus. It gives the user an assurance and it gives your computer security and protection. It gives new and improvised features.

It can easily detect viruses and it can help you in scanning your files. It is user-friendly software, easy to install and easy to use. It is loaded with improved features and security.  

AVG antivirus is the right antivirus to use if you want  your computer protected. It is the most downloaded anti virus nowadays. If you want all the benefits, you should buy the full version.



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Which are the Best User Friendly Antivirus


All antivirus software have the same objective: to detect, remove and block malicious programs such as adware, spywares, Trojan horses, worms, and others from making its way into the computer. When Windows was first introduced, so were the viruses.

They are like magnets, opposite attracts. When Windows was created, it did not have the ability to detect or block different attacks from any outside or inside source. This was a good opportunity for programmers to create code that could search and penetrate different systems.

There are viruses that don’t do anything but just display unwanted messages or images. There are those that make your operating system extremely slow and make your whole desktop disappear. There are others that are created to test the integrity of the security of a network.

Whatever name they have, they are still viruses that execute unwanted and unpredictable actions. If you are comfortable with the antivirus you are using right now, just keep it well updated. You can try Norton Antivirus 2012, the latest release from Symantec which offers free downloads from their website

You may also try McAfee Antivirus from McAfee which also offers free trial downloads from their website.

You can also find additional virus information from their home page.

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Which are the Best User Friendly Antivirus



I prefer the Norton anti virus, because it has a superior protection from online threats that affects your computer especially when you are receiving electronic mails or messages and that would affect your computer system, program files, software, or files stored, etc.

It identifies threats faster than other anti-virus software. Norton anti-virus software has a superior performance and wont slow down your computer. It also runs in the background which wont disrupt your work.

Norton tells you if the files and applications you are using are safe unlike other anti-virus software which sometimes does not. When it comes to websites, it safely and proactively identifies unsafe sites and stops online threats before your browser even loads.

For more info, please see this site.

Thanks and Best regards,


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Which are the Best User Friendly Antivirus


I am also finding a good anti-virus.

I followed your recommendation  Zaari.

Thank you very much.

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