Where to purchase Child Control 2008 software?

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After buying a computer on eBay, I realized it has some kind of Child Control 2008 software installed on it.

The individual who sold me the computer does not know about it.

How can I purchase this software?

I tried it and it already expired.

So I need to buy it. Please send me the link.


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Where to purchase Child Control 2008 software?


Solution for Child Control 2008 –

Child Control is a program that is present to keep track of time spent on the computer and web sites visited during that time. It is installed by the administrator and can only be uninstalled by the administrator.

When you first received the computer, did you simply log on to the computer freely?

If so then it must have been a child's computer or a teen's computer.

There are several things you can try.

1. First see if you can access user accounts to change the administrator password so that you can access the administrators account. If you can – try to log on as administrator. If you are successful in logging on as an administrator then you can uninstall the program.

If this does not work

2. Turn the computer on and as the computer is booting up press and hold your F8 key to access advanced start up menu. Select Safe Mode and see if you can uninstall the program from Safe Mode.

Unfortunately without administrator access – this program is extremely difficult if not impossible to uninstall or disable. There is one last option, but it is extreme. The only reason that I do suggest it is that you purchased the item on Ebay and it does not have your personal information on it.

3. Insert the Windows operating system disk (windows 7, xp, etc) and format the hard drive during installation of an operating system. Make sure to format the hard drive during installation – this will wipe out the existing programs and reinstall Windows standard programs.

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Where to purchase Child Control 2008 software?



This software allows you to set the time limits for the Personal Computer and the internet, This App also block and filter unwanted internet content.

You can also set limit access to internal windows features and personal Folders, A protocol will be informing you that what is happening on your PC and when, Access is protected by password,

Here is the download Link:


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Where to purchase Child Control 2008 software?


Hello experts, thanks to both of you for your valuable comments. Plum Judy, your solution was wonderful.

I actually want to see how much time my child spends on the computer, and what web sites were visited during that time.

The link you provided was awesome; I really wanted this kind of software information.

When I visited your link, I was able to download this software and now I can set time limits for the PC and internet and block or filter unwanted internet content. I was really surprised by what it could do.

Thanks again Plum Judy for your valuable information.

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