Where to get a functional player for Mkv file formats

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I am a fan of anime and most of the time it's either i watch it through streaming or downloading the file directly through the internet. I do the latter more often. However, most of the files that are available for downloads are on ".mkv " formats.

Stating what mkv stands for is difficult, but what makes it more frustrating is that it does not readily play on the available video players that i have installed. I have installed VLC, Windows Media Player, Media Classic and even downloaded a DivX player which was marketed in the download site as "mkv player".

When i try to run the mkv file on these players, its either (1)the video disintegrates into pixels, (2) the video freezes while the audio continues, (3) video plays fine but the subtitles are gone or (4) the video and audio are not in sync.

This has been a dilemma for me as lately good episodes of my favorite anime are out and i cannot relate on my friends' talking about it. can you help me out here?

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Where to get a functional player for Mkv file formats


.mkv file is Matroska Video, an open source container format. They are targeting to become the leading standard for multimedia container formats, so no wonder most video files are in mkv format. It would perfectly play on VLC player with no hassle because it no longer needs any codec pack. And what I love most on VLC is that it could also play video and audio streams in mkv files.

Believe me VLC is the best. You mentioned also Windows Media Player, yes it will also play mkv files provided that you install codecs. Since Windows Media player is a DirectShow based player, it will need a Haali media splitter or a CCCP playback pack. You can download CCCP here and for Haali

If it's still not working, your mkv files must be the culprit.


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