Where else can I look to find a job on the web?

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Hello techyv,

I am a job hunter. Can you tell me where else can I look to find a job on the web? Please, help me find a job. Thanks.

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Where else can I look to find a job on the web?


Hello Michael,


Nowadays there are many web sites that allow you to work as a freelancer, sites like: Odesk,Elance, Guru, Lime exchange etc. Before choosing one to start working in, consider this:

-Payment methods: always verify their payment methods, ¿Is one or several of them not available in your country/ does the page support your country?, calculate the percentage of money they keep for every transaction you do,and if it is suitable for you.

Once you create an account in one of them, which is recommended in order to build and maintain a steady reputation, set your profile and highlight the areas of expertise  and skills you posses to offer solutions and services to open job proposals. 

Always bear in mind that if you can corroborate existing work experience, tests taken in certain areas your are interested working in or in languages proficiency, always do it, because, though some of this sites have the option of taking free tests ( like odesk; in some other sites you have to pay before you take them),it is better to be supported for known institutions.

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