Where do i get information to write the articles?

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I Would like to know where to get information to write the articles. how  do i go about this .?

can  u help me understand what to do.?


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Where do i get information to write the articles?


Good article can be written in a 20 minutes using the below points:

1 – Set the topic of the article.

2 – Put the type of the readers in the consideration.

3 – Decide the length of the article.

4 – Write the article in a specific points.

5 – Set enough to make a good research.

6 – Summarize the article at the last part of it.

7 – Review the article more than one time after finishing it.

8 – Try to use some clarification means to clarify your idea like pictures.

9 – Submit your article.

10 – Record all the reviews and feedback will be written on your article.



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Where do i get information to write the articles?


Thank you for your interest to get information to write articles. For earning money by writing articles visit odesk.com and freelancer.com. I have some suggestions for you. Before starting to write an article you should gather some knowledge and ideas to write it properly.

That's why I suggest you to browse the article based websites, read some articles very attentively. If necessary, copy them and keep the files for future reference. So far as I know, the best website on articles is ezinearticles.com and you should go through it. Besides, you can browse researchpaper.com and go through the closest site that matches your subject. If necessary, you can do some library work in your local area, go through the newspapers and journals. Now prepare for writing.

Choose a subject related to finance, business, sports, politics, adult content or any other thing. Divide the subject matter in 3 groups- past (history), present and it's future. While writing focus on some important points.

Example: Jute – past/history (origin), it's present situation and it's future. Descriptive- it's cultivation, collection, storage, usage, local and international market, advantages and disadvantages etc.

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