Where can I find a code autocomplete Mac editor?

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I have thrown in the towel and now I have switched to Mac for my web development work. New things are good, but they come with a few challenges here and there, and so I am here with one. I have been trying to figure out a code autocomplete Mac editor to use in my development work. Is there an inbuilt one in Mac? If not, is there one that you would recommend which is fairly priced or free altogether? Thanks in advance.

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Where can I find a code autocomplete Mac editor?


For web development I recommend jetBrain PHPStorm as it offers not only autocomplete but many other features:

  • Smart PHP Code Editor.
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript Editor.
  • Code Quality Analysis.
  • Development Environment.
  • Debugging and Testing.
  • PHP 5.4 language features support.
  • ECMAScript Harmony support.
  • Code checking with PHP Code Sniffer.

And more.

You can download a free trial or buy it here PHPStorm

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Where can I find a code autocomplete Mac editor?



There are thousands of program editors online which all works fine but very few of them are of very powerful. Some of them are costly too. Here, I have got some recommendations for you.

  • Brackets: It is by Adobe with awesome support of editing. Its functions are really awesome. The greatest part is, it is completely free and open source. You don’t have to edit codes, just simply drag and drop. You can also create your own editor by configuring its source code.
  • Textastic: A small costly tool worth of $5.99. Syntax highlighting supported for more than 80 languages. It will be the best use for any developers: professional or beginner.

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