Where are stored Skype smilies

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Hi guys,

I am a frequent Skype chat user; I understand that there are hundreds of emoticons that are available for use on Skype. I would like to be able to use all of the emoticons but it seems most of them are hidden since only a few of them appear in the pull up list.

What I would like is to find out where are stored skype smilies found and how I can be able to access all of the available emoticons on Skype chat. Anybody who can help me on this please reply to the post.


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Where are stored Skype smilies



Hello Beatricegvavra,

Some of those emoticons are hidden because of the space which is limited. So you can only use symbols, search to add from Google which may take you to one of the sites like http://www.amperordirect.com/pc/r-skype-articles/r-skype-emoticons.html where you can add or use any you may be needing. Or you can download the plug-in with this link; http://www.softpedia.com/get/Internet/Chat/Other-Chat-Tools/Emoticons-for-Skype.shtml.

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Where are stored Skype smilies


Greetings! Yes you are right the smiles in Skype are little compared to what the Skype system can provide you or the users around the worldWell you cannot see it in your computer or find it installed in there. But you can totally use the other smiles that Skype provides which are installed in their server or systems and it will in fact work with your Skype. All you need to do is to go to the following sites and pick what ever smiles you want to use.​ I gave you 4 websites to choose from whatever smiles you want to use in your Skype. This site might have some smiles that are the same but in each there are specific smiles that are not on each one of the websites.

First website smiles

Second website smiles

Third website smiles

Fourth website smiles

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Where are stored Skype smilies


You can easily add emoticons to your Skype message by selecting it from the palette in the IM window or the smiley in the chat window. You can also use the keyboard shortcut if you know the combination. The keyboard shortcut is a set of characters or sometimes a word in brackets. You can check the shortcut by hovering your mouse over an emoticon in the palette.

Since all the visible emoticons are available in the palette, I will just list here some of the hidden ones that are not shown in the palette.

Name: Skype
Shortcut: (skype) (ss)

Name: Man
Shortcut: (man)

Name: Woman
Shortcut: (woman)

Name: Drunk
Shortcut: (drunk)

Name: Smoking
Shortcut: (smoking) (smoke) (ci)

Name: Gotta run
Shortcut: (gottarun)

Name: Stop
Shortcut: (stop)

Name: Toivo
Shortcut: (toivo)

Name: Bug
Shortcut: (bug)

Name: Poolparty
Shortcut: (poolparty)

For the rest of the hidden emoticons, go to Skype Full Emoticon List.

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