Where and how to download realbasic asterisk? Need your assistance.

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What was this real basic asterisk and how is this related to telephone's caller ID system?

I need some real information and a full knowledge for this.

Any videos which are related to this topic is much appreciated.

Have a nice day Experts.

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Where and how to download realbasic asterisk? Need your assistance.


Hi Allison Ward,

The real-basic asterisk system is a kind of extension for the telephone that helps the communications in telephony. It is usually used for the external functions of calling. It also makes data transfer in calling quicker and better.

It helps in managing the telephone communication lines and very efficient in small companies or organizations.

The telephone's caller id system is simply the number that a person uses to call another person and it works in such a way that when a person calls, the number appears after the first ring.

In the asterisk system is almost the same and is related in that it runs in Linux and it performs calls in Voice Over Internet Protocol. So they do work together with the caller id system in that when a person calls, the voice data is transported by asterisk bridging through the networks and to the telephone of the receiver where call is received and later the id of the caller is displayed which integrates info in an advanced way.

I hope this information is of help or does help in one way or another.


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