Where is the afterlogic config?

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Hi TechyV users!

My friend suggest me a software called “AfterLogic WebMail Lite PHP”.

After chatting about it, it calls my nerves to download it.

But I am having problem while installing this software.

I’m getting ‘WebMail is not configured properly’ error message.

What seems to be the problem?

Where is the Afterlogic config?

Any comments would be appreciated.


Hannaha Meeks

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Where is the afterlogic config?



If you visit the official website of the AfterLogic vendor, you will be able to access the pages that have answers to FAQ. One of the questions is exactly what your problem statement is. Are you working on a Windows machine or Linux.

The question addresses both platforms.

Webmail Lite has 2 folders – web and data – for installation. The WebMail Lite application itself resides in the web folder, whereas all configuration settings, temporary files, etc., are kept in the data folder.

These 2 folders are kept in separate locations. But, in order to make the WebMail application be aware of the location of the data folder, please ensure that you have defined the absolute path, not virtual, to data folder in $dataPath value of inc_settings_path.php file. That special file is found in the web folder. 

Please have a look at this for answers to FAQ.

Hope it helps.

Best Regards,


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