When a Virus is affecting the computer

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Hello! What happens when a virus gets in a computer and start affecting its performance? I want to know how exactly does it slows the computer and the computer starts crashing too often. Is it a file which is actually a virus? Are there more than one ways of affecting a computer? Are there different kinds of viruses? What is the most dangerous type of a virus?

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When a Virus is affecting the computer


A Computer virus is a small program that interferes with normal functions of the computer. Usually a virus program is attached to a computer file. The file to which a virus is attached is called infected file. When the infected file is copied on a disk, the virus is also copied and It hides itself on the disk. Viruses create different problems for example:

1. A virus might destroy some of the sectors of the hard disk and format it without warning

2. A virus can damage the BIOS of the computer

3. A virus may change the boot sector of the hard disk. If the boot sector of a disk is affected, it cannot boot the computer.This can be termed as one of the most dangerous virus.


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When a Virus is affecting the computer


A virus is a malware or malicious code which is sent to your computer through any file, mail, or any other data.

This malicious code is attached to these files, mails, or anything which you download and enter your computer without your knowledge.

They decrease the computer performance by occupying its bandwidth, as it replicates. Some causes unsolicited ads to pop up and may steal information and sensitive information.

Types of viruses and how they affect the computer

Resident viruses: These viruses live in RAM and are permanent. They corrupt the programs that the user open, execute and close or reopened.

Overwrite viruses: The information in the files in which these viruses reside is deleted. Thus rendering such file to be partially or totally useless.

Direct action viruses: This virus affects the computer directory by replicating itself. This virus comes into action while the computer boots.

Boot viruses: Hard disks or floppy disk boot sector is affected by this virus causing booting problem. This can be avoided by using protected hard drives or floppy disks.

Directory viruses: This virus changes the location or path of a file.

Macro virus: Files are affected by this virus by any programs or applications that contains macros.

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