When I try to load MPEG2 video an error message appears

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When I try to load MPEG2video, an error message appears. I checked all the settings but they are default as it is. How can I remove this error? Can you provide me the solution? I really need your help. Thanks.

Error Setting video

Error Setting video

ffmpegsource factory: FFmpegsource video provider: Failed to index: Can’t create parser

avisynth factory: AviSynth error: FFVideoSource: Can’t create parser


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When I try to load MPEG2 video an error message appears

Hi there Michael S Fischer,
The first thing to do is to check if the file you are trying to open is accessible. You can do that simply by opening the path in the explorer. Also, make sure you are running the software as an Administrator as that can solve the problem sometimes.
Also, there is a known problem with FFmpegSource and loading the MPEG videos. If none of the mentioned solution worked, you will need to re-encode your video to the format your software can work with.
Best regards,
Drake Vivian

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