When I play games my PC hangs

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I like to play games sometimes but when I play games after sometime, my PC does not work better and sometimes it simply hangs.  Why does it hang up.

Now a days I do not use my PC to play games.  What is the cause ?


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When I play games my PC hangs


If you are using a high end graphics game, then you have to get a highly configured computer. Your configuration should have a graphics card, a minimum 512 card, then 2 GB RAM and a high end gaming processor.

All these are a must, if you want your computer not to hang again. If not using a high end game, then your computer must have a good internal motherboard with in built graphics. That is enough.

Please check  the specifications given here with that of  your computer.


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When I play games my PC hangs

  1. Most of the games today require, higher video resolution and memory. If you are playing games with these requirements then there is a possibility that your computer hangs or does not run.
  2. As far as games are concerned, try some old games that do not require high resolution and memory. Or try to find a game that matches your computer specifications.
  3. Sometimes viruses cause  your computer to hang up. Try cleaning your computer from virus infection and after that start playing games.
  4. Operating system components, corrupted files may also cause hang-ups. You need to fix these errors.
  5. A huge load of your operating system can also cause hang-ups. Better to unload some services from your start up and of course third party applications that run in the background.

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