When Changing and renaming file will it affect crc?

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Just wondering if I will rename and change one file's name will the crc of the file be affected? How come? What are the advantages of having a crc in a file?

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When Changing and renaming file will it affect crc?



Renaming and changing one's file name doesn't affect the CRC of the file.

The file name is just an entry or metadata about the file in the file system used to uniquely identify the file store up on the file system. It's not part of the file itself, so it's not part of the CRC.

One of the advantages of CRC is detecting data transmission errors. It is good at distinguishing common errors caused by noise in transmission. Without using any test for data errors messages can be corrupted and useless. Using a CRC can help identify such a situation.

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When Changing and renaming file will it affect crc?


A file’s name has nothing to do with its own CRC that’s why changing a file’s name or renaming a file has no effect on the CRC. Also, for your information, CRC is not something you put on a file. CRC stands for Cyclic Redundancy Check. It is a technique or method used to identify errors in a digital data.

It is a hash function that identifies accidental changes or modifications to raw computer data usually used in digital telecommunications networks and storage devices like hard drives. CRC was invented in 1961 by W. Wesley Peterson and further developed by Comité Consultatif International Telegraphique et Telephonique or CCITT. CRCs are quite easy to apply in hardware and can easily be analyzed mathematically.

It is one of the better techniques or methods in identifying common transmission errors. CRC is also known as polynomial code checksum and is based on binary division.

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