When can we save a file in hard drives?

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Sometimes we work in a file then we save the file when can we save the file in hard drives storage?

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When can we save a file in hard drives?


Hi ,

Denver hope the following steps will guide you in fixing of this issue.:

  • File refers to different types in which each of the format is different from one to another and while you are working with the file you are present either it may be of text,doc or any other don't mind you will click on save then file will ask for the location where to store as you required to store your file in hard disk drives and also the folder where the file is to be saved.
  • Your file will be saved for now and if any updates you have done after that if you want to save then no problem to browse the save location and the folder for every time as once it is enough if you selected it will be saved automatically when we click on save.
  • You can store as many files in hard drives as provided the space to the drive and ensure that the data in hard drives may be lost when some unwanted error arises so its better to backup the data so that you can get back when ever you  needed the data. 
Thank you.
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When can we save a file in hard drives?


Hi there ,

It seems you need help regarding storing to the harddrive, 

Let me start from basics. 

Your computer has two types of memory RAM and Mass storage (Hard drive) 

Whenever you work on your PC you are working in RAM . Its a virtual space where you work . But when you turn off the computer everything in it is deleted ot lost. 

Whenever you save a file it is automatically gone to harddrive only . 

You have seen different drives or drive letter in computer or my computer that is C , D ,E F drives. These are different partitions of your harddrive and this is the place where you can save all the data.

Good luck.

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