What is wrong with my phone’s memory?

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Hello! I am not able to download anything on my phone from Google Play Store. It gives an error and says "Insufficient memory in memory card". How is this possible? I only have WhatsApp installed in my phone, no other app. The rest of the things are there by default like Google Maps, Google+, YouTube etc. This shouldn't be happening as the memory card has the storage capacity of 1 GB. What is the reason? Thanks in advance!

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What is wrong with my phone’s memory?



Your phone has an error and says "Insufficient memory” in memory card while you download anything from the “Google Play Store” the reason is that your phone has so many junk files in it that occupies your phone storage and does not allow downloading anything.

I suggest you to follow these steps to resolve your problem:

· Firstly, take the “Clean Master” software from your other phone or your friend’s phone by Bluetooth; you will get it from “Google Play Store”.

· After that, when you get the software, install it into your mobile phone.

· Then open your “Clean Master” software by pressing into the icon of the software.

· After that, go to “Junk Standard” and click it and then wait until it fully scans your mobile.

· Then, you will show a “Clean Junk 540 MB” option in the bottom of your screen within green color box. Click it and clean the junk.

· After this, go to your “Google Play Store” and download whatever you want to download from the store.

· If the issue comes again after downloading another application from the “Google Play Store”, then repeat the steps again.

Hope this answer will help you a lot.

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