What will be the next handheld of Nintendo?

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I read in a recent news letter that Nintendo Icon Shigeru Miyamoto said 3DS is the “Best” handheld in this generation.

Now the company is thinking of launching the next handheld.

What will be the next handheld?

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What will be the next handheld of Nintendo?


After a lot of researches, I have read that it is true that Nintendo 3DS is the best handheld Nintendo in this generation.  Also, it is true that Nintendo are always working on the next “big thing” for them to market.

After releasing three versions of DS, namely DS Lite, DSi and DSi XL, buyers were annoyed and are complaining. Buyers tend to think that after few months, Nintendo will release again a new and improved product.

However, they were confused by the statement of Shigeru Miyamoto, a Nintendo icon, which says that “I really feel like I’m satisfied with the 3DS hardware as it is.

I feel like it’s the best for this generation”. The statement is believed to urge and assure their customer to buy 3DS, as many articles and blogs say. In this way, they can encourage their customers to buy the product.

What would be Nintendo next handheld, nobody knows. 

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