What will be the best, fastest, easiest way we can do sharing?

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Hello guys,

My friend and I need to transfer a file to each other. She is trying to send me 11 GB. It is not that heavy file. Is there any suggestion on what will be the best, fastest and easiest way we can do sharing and sending files?

We tried to use the TeamViewer FTP but the estimation is 2.5 days. Currently, it's running through MSN for it seems that it is not running much slower than 2.5 day estimate. It is very slow, and we are running out of time. 

Is there any easy way to allocate a priority bandwidth to this transfer? Is there any other method we should be using? So, help us please.


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What will be the best, fastest, easiest way we can do sharing?


There are two things to consider for sharing, uploading and download files via TeamViewer. You have to consider the following:

  1. Speed of the computer;
  2. Bandwidth of your internet connection.

Speed of the computer. Old computers are processing too slow when it comes to large volume of data or files, especially when you are transporting files over the internet. A 100 Mb of files is estimated to be finished about an hour over average internet connection bandwidth. Some reason of this is the lower capacity of the memory and the low speed of processing of a single core processor.

New model of computers today like core i7 or let’s say the most of computers that users have in their home today, the dual core. A 100 Mb of data or file size can be downloaded in just less than five minutes running over an average bandwidth of internet connection.

Bandwidth of your internet connection. Our estimate download duration for 10 Mb size of file in 33.6 K (Modem) which is mostly a dial-up connection which size capacity is 33,600 bps is more or less 41 minutes. While in 768 K (DSL Cable) having the size capacity of 768,000 bps; a 10 Mb size of file will be completely downloaded for only less than 2 minutes.

But please bear in your mind that if your computer is slow and connected to low speed internet connection, you are to slow to download. But if your low speed computer will be connected to a high speed internet connection, the download speed will be on average, maybe this is the ideal one. But if a high speed computer will be connected to a high speed internet connection, your speed is awesome, and that’s great.

The problem is, what if this high speed computer internet connection runs under windows socket through the internet, is it still the same? The answer is no – because your process is runs under the application and not directly on the internet protocol. Your TeamViewer for example is a client server application which communicates via windows socket.

If you are transferring files from your computer down to your friends computer, TeamViewer will divided the files into a several chunk until the entire content of the file will be copied on the other computer. While on the other peer, the computer will received the chunks and combined them all according to their file assignment. The job is processed under just in a single sequential array.

So, what will be our alternative to make transferring files go faster? There are many file hosting web sites today like rapid share, hotfile, fileshare, and so many to mention. They are offering free space for you to upload your files so that you will access your file anywhere you are in the planet as long as internet connection is available. They are developing their cloud to make download and upload faster.

They have the latest facilities and hardware which is very high competitive compare to our desktop computers. Let’s get one file hosting which is free of charge. Like for instance the FIleSend. MediaFire offers 1GB of space for their clients for free.

Here what need, register on their website:FileSend Website and upload your files then get the shared link for your uploaded file then give it to your friend. Do this same with your friend. That’s all.

Hope this helps!

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What will be the best, fastest, easiest way we can do sharing?


Hi Carter_Ruth,

There are a lot of file sharing sites available but most of them have limitations. There are also those who say they are unlimited but they tell you that the web browsers will only allow for a maximum of 2 GB to be sent. Anything larger would take about 2 days to be sent. I did come across one online sharing program that has a free option and a paid option.

The free option allows for files to be shared up to 25 MB. The paid option allows for files larger than 10 GB. You can also share folders that have larger number of files within them.

The site also allows you to password protect your documents for safer transfers. The cheapest paid plan is $4.99 a month and it allows up to 30 GB of files to be transferred and shared. The transfer rate of the paid option is a lot faster than the free option so the recipient will not have to wait a long time to get the file.

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