What virus can damage hardware

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Hi Guys,

Is the virus can damage hardware? Why is it my hardware right now is not working? help me.


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What virus can damage hardware



Virus scanners are design to crash computer files, this files commonly known as bug, worms, spyware and trojan etc. This programs are known to delete your files in a multiple manner without your permission. Once your file is infected it would no longer functions because some of there parts are remove already. You just wondering why is it lags already even if your computer is just newly buy. As of now there where no virus that could crash hardware i don't know how to make this if this is possible this is my first time to encounter this questions. Maybe, that could be materialized by the intruders who created the virus and that would be 20 years from now or maybe not. based on my research there is no virus can damage a hardware as of now.
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What virus can damage hardware



No,the virus can never ever damage your hardware.The reason is that the computer viruses are software coded and they can only corrupt your data,including your softwares in that particular computer which is attacked by some serious virus.It may stop your software/hardware working,but that cant damage your hardware part.

Your hardware is not working due to the software not installed perfectly on your computer.For this first uninstall the driver from your machine and then reinstall the drivers of that particular software.

Secondly install the latest software of that particular hardware device,your hardware will work fine.


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