What is that virtual memory?

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Its been many days since I have heard the term 'virtual memory'. On carefully browsing about it I came to know that its size matters in the processing speed but I did not get much of it. I tried seeing my size of virtual memory but unsuccessful. Could anyone please tell me about the virtual memory in the computer, its recommended size on a particular condition and why is it important? I would also like to know its relation with the hard disk.

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What is that virtual memory?


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Virtual memory is a technique used to make the system's main memory appear to have more memory than it actually has, by sharing the secondary memory (hard disk) space with it. Also it uses some methodologies like paging & mapping in order to convert the virtual(logical) memory addresses into physical memory addresses of in the hard disk.

The main goal of VM is to allow run the programs which are larger than the physical memory. Thus, if there's no enough memory space for a program to execute within the main memory, virtual memory is being utilized.


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