What is a vector image?

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What is a Vector Art Image and how can I create one using Adobe Photoshop? Can you show me some example of the Vector graphic and the procedure on how doing it?

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What is a vector image?



Hi Jocobo Martin

Vector Art Image is a picture drawn by lines, points, polygons and shaped. It basis upon mathematical expression to represent the image and the image is made up of parts. These are lead through control points and each control point has a specific X and Y axis.

It is not difficult to create vector images in Adobe Photoshop if you have basic knowledge of Photoshop. Below given picture clearly shows a vector image of a photo. Install your Adobe Photoshop and I will guide you to make vector image

* Select a photo of minimum 600*600 pixels to create vector images

* Duplicate the background layer two times, off the visibility of the upper layer

* Select the middle layer and the saturate it

* Now posterize the layer close to 9 and rename it as Posturize

* ON the visibility of background layer

* Create a new layer and set it below the background layer

* Select the pen tool and move around the face and close the path.

* Similarly trace the outline of hairs

* Now forming the features, but there is no specific order.

* It may take 300 or more layers for you to forming the features.

You can take help from below given video to see how features are developed.


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What is a vector image?



Hi Jacobo Martin,

Vector graphic is graphically based on mathematical expressions. Different from raster graphic, which depends on the pixel, there is no resolution in vector graphic. So, when you zoom in or zoom out your image, it won’t be “break into pixels”. The file size of a vector graphic is much smaller than a raster graphic.

You can create a vector in Photoshop by using shape tool or pen tool. But Photoshop is raster base graphic software, so it is not the best choice to create a vector. You should use Illustrator or Corel Draw instead.

You can go here to see two examples of a raster image and vector image: 

Hope this helps.


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