What is the use of multi-touch feature on psp?

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I've read an article about adding a multi-touch feature to the Sony PSP vita?

I mean what's the sense of having multi -touch feature if the game you are playing does not support multi-touch. Does this mean that all game developing companies will have to make their game capable of multi touch feature for PSP?

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What is the use of multi-touch feature on psp?


Yes you are right. PS Vita also incorporates a unique multi-touch pad on the rear that can be used to play specific games, together with the front touch display. As well as the ability to touch, you can use its Six Axis motion controls or standard buttons. It has the same feeling like using iPhone or other devices with integrated touch control.

Game developers already in incorporated their touch controls to their games when ported to PSVita. But if you were annoyed by accidental touch of the rear control you can just turn it off. Some PSP fans don't use the touch control in all their games at their Vita while many are delighted with how the game experience with the touch control.

In the game FIFA the rear touchpad serve as template for the goal you’re trying to penetrate, an application that sounds better than it works. If you want to plant a thunderbolt in the top corner, the idea is to poke Vita’s back in the corresponding place.

Power is strengthened by holding your finger down for an extended amount of time, but as intriguing as this is, it never outshines the classic method of control. But others manage to over come this and feel easier to make a goal.

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