What is the top 5 iOS 6 features?

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Well, Hello Everyone,

I am new here. Actually I want to know the major improvements, features, performance enhancements of iOS 6.

I have seen some features on the internet.

But, I want feedback from average users like me, who have upgraded to iOS 6.

Thank You in advance.

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What is the top 5 iOS 6 features?


There are over 200 new features on this iOS 6 updates and the categories include the following:

1. Maps Improvements

2. Siri Improvements

3. Facebook Integration

4. Shared Photo Streams

5. Facetime Improvements

6. Phone Improvements

7. Mail Improvements

8. Safari Improvements

9. Improvements in App Store and iTunes Store

10. Game Center Improvements

11. Accessibility and a lot more.

But this update is not available for all countries.

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What is the top 5 iOS 6 features?


I personally won't go for IOS6 with my iPhone 4S. IOS6 is totally focused on the next Gen. Smartphones. I upgraded to IOS6 but found a dramatic slow in browsing especially when the page is Java script enabled.

Rather than this other performances are almost the same. On the other hand IOS6 supports new software's and applications which I guess not a matter to count when the performance of the cell phone goes down.

IOS6 is totally built for iPhone 5 and above.

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What is the top 5 iOS 6 features?

1. 3G FaceTime
FaceTime is a great feature which enables users to video chat with family and friends very easily.
2. Passbook
Apple has touted its new Passbook feature as the answer to NFC. Apple's SVP Phil Schiller has gone on record to state that the future will more than make up for NFC's absence and "Passbook does the kinds of things customers need today."
3. VIP E-mail
Another major complaint of any e-mail user is the plethora of spam and junk e-mails that one is perennially inundated with. iOS 6 has a feature that may well become the answer to this problem and it negates the need to sieve through reams of messages. 
4. Facebook Integration
Apple has taken inspiration from its Twitter app for iOS and with the new OS, there are similar features introduced by the company for Facebook. Users can share photos and status updates without directly logging into the app due to new Facebook integration.
5. Do Not Disturb
The feature "Do Not Disturb" same as its name suggests, enables users to shut out incoming messages and calls. When the users do not want to receive any calls/messages, they can set up specific time according to their wish.
6. Late Night Listening
It is not available on all devices, but newer iPhones and iPads have a new EQ setting: Late Night.


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