What is the System error?

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What is the System error? 32 dll error or syntex error

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What is the System error?



Its a common question come from the long time computer user. Its hard to find someone who don't saw those error. Here some explanation for those term

1. System error : Its also known as system crash, kernel error, bug check. Systems errors are very broad. Each of the error can happen in hundred or thousands place at the same time. And its very difficult to find the location and fix. For why this problem often create much problem. 

2. 32 dll error happens when you missing some dll file  in memory or registry problem. And its cause huge performance reduce on system. 

3. Syntex error happens when you enter any information in computer that is unknown to it or it cannot recognize. Its a sequence of character which is language for compiling.  

Hope you have you answer

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What is the System error?


DLL (Dynamic Link Library) are files that are used/called upon by one or more applications in your system at the same time.

These do not execute by themselves, however, these files contain commands and codes that are necessary for their respective dependent applications to function.

Should one of these files be corrupt/missing, the application or one or more of its functions may not be able to function/run/execute properly.

That said, there is no system32.dll file in any Windows system.

If you have a virus scanner or a malware scanner, it is best to run a full system scan in your machine. If the system32.dll file is in your machine, you most likely are infected with a form of the harnig trojan.

This is a serious security risk and you should have it fixed/cleaned/removed as soon as possible using your security software as this can potentially damage your files and/or compromise your personal information stored on the computer.

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What is the System error?

There are lots of possibilities if there is system 32 error, example it might be caused by corruption,
Or it can be damaging to the windows OS files or might be another file that is downloaded to the computer from the internet.
If you want to remove files downloaded from the internet such as ActiveX controls, windows temporary files,
And also java applets, you can use windows Disk Cleanup utility.
Doing this it might help to solve the system 32 error.
To access the disk cleanup utility, you can go to start>all programs> accessories>system tools.
If you run older windows, there is the program compatibility wizard in windows XP,
The program can be found in the accessories folder, this program will allow you to run any program as if it is running on older windows version.
This is kind of method to solve the system 32 errors in older application used in newer windows.
There is another way to solve the system 32 errors and this method is not for newbie or someone who is not an expert.
The other way is copying all of the system 32 folder and replacing it with working system 32 files from the windows.
This method is risky because changes to the system files may give impact to more than one program working in the OS, so
Plan carefuly if you want to use
This method.

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