What is the standby of some computer parts and detail

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I just want to know some computer hardware parts of standby with some detail.

(1) Ram.

(2) Cd Rom.

(2) USB

(3) PCI

These are some question i want to know.


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What is the standby of some computer parts and detail


A computer is a system of different parts working in one.  The physical parts are what you call the “Hardware”. There are several parts that consists the hardware. The monitor, which allows you to see the visual information using text or images. The system unit or what you also call the CPU, A rectangular box that processes information or it may commonly be called as the brain of your computer as it stores information. There is also the mouse and the keyboard that allows you to type or to maneuver items on your monitor.

What is a RAM?

It is called as the Random Access Memory; it is usually what you call as the memory of your computer. It is in charge of holding the data on your computer. It is where you store the information that you are saving in your computer. It may be a text file, music file, image file or any file that you are storing in your computer. It is also a reference for the speed of your computer as it channels on how much memory stored on your Disk drive as to how fast it will allow you to access files and the net.

What is a CD ROM?

It is called as the Compact Disk read – only memory. It can access data using a preseed Compact disc or what we call a CD. It is also used to store data such as digital video or a simple word file. It is also capable of being like a CD player, which you can use as audio or video player.

What is a USB?

It is called as an external bus. It backs up data transfers. It is usually used to transfer data or information from one device to another. A USB port on your computer may be connected to several devices such as keyboards, mouse and modems.

What is a PCI?

It is called a Peripheral Component Interconnect. This standard local bus is actually advanced by Intel Corporation. It is an addition to an expansion bus or memory. It allows you to connect to different sections of your computer's processor. This is actually universal and interchangeable as it provides you enhancements  such as if you want a better resolution or graphics to a game or a video you can put a high end PCI card as it will allow you to a much clearer and realistic resolution.

Hope this helped you out.

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What is the standby of some computer parts and detail


RAM – Random Access Memory is a computer components that stored data. This is needed and computer won't run with out this. It is advisable to install RAM with higher specification to perform better. Performance is important in a computer because the higher quality specification you have, the better performance your computer will have.

CD-Rom – Compact Disk allows you to read data and play the content inside. Computer needs this because this is the hardware needs to use to install new software and hardware. It'll let you play music, video, games and other components both hardware and software that needed CD to perform it's functions.

USB – Universal Serial Bus allows you stored data in a memory stick. It has limited storage and allows you to store and delete files. It's easy to use, it's acts as  a wallet. You can bring with you all the time and ready for use. Wallet also has this, you can get and store money inside it.

PCI – an expansion to enhanced graphics and colors, this can also stored data. And computer rely on this, the clarity, graphics and other video images needed to display is handled by PCI. It is so important to install higher specification because the better quality PCI card is, the more vibrant and color will display.

These are all related in some ways, all can stored data and allows you to play the content of it. This can be a ready-only and or allows you to add, edit and delete files.

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