What sites contain most viruses?

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I like to do chat, browsing ,facebook etc. Most of time I browse music, movie related website. I watched for several time,viruses come in to my pc. It is very annoying to me. So realize I should be alert for selecting site .Now I just need to know what  sites contain most viruses?

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What sites contain most viruses?



You can also manually remove the virus by referring the error message and displays in the vendor’s website and following the instructions provided to remove it.

If you suspect that your computer is affected by virus or spyware, you download and run the Safety Scanner from Microsoft that helps in removing viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.

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Also, Microsoft Security Essentials is a free download that protects the computer from viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. It is recommended  to uninstall other antivirus software before installing Microsoft Security Essentials. It is available for download from the following web link:

Download Link

Install and update Microsoft Security Essentials to help protect the computer. 



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What sites contain most viruses?



Viruses are undoubtedly a curse for internet users. They waste our time and precious data and in some cases they can even damage our entire hardware. Using a good and updated antivirus is an ultimate solution to be protected from virus attacks but a slight care while browsing is also very crucial. Most of the sites which promotes pornographic contents are enriched in viruses and the sites offering you a 100% free deals are also associated with viruses remember sexual contents are harmful by every means specially while surfing the net and second thing is that nothing is free in this world we have to pay for every bit we get so don't be fascinated by extremely free offers to be protected from prospective virus attacks.

Hope it helps.


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