What should i do antecedent to taking pictures?

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Okay, digital picturing is now a trend these lives.

However, I don't change a DSLR or can't give to buy one. My exclusive choice is that to change pictures properly to urinate my photo aspect suchlike it was expropriated from a DSLR or any separate real dear camera.

Here are my questions:

What should I do antecedent to taking pictures?

After taking pictures, what should be through original in Photoshop?

What remaining tips or effects can you intimate in using redaction photos?

That are my questions for now, thanks for measure this and hoping someone could aid me. Make a fastidious day!

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What should i do antecedent to taking pictures?


So you also mortal a excruciation for picturing. I perfectly see your situation so I am so pleased that i can ameliorate you. Ordinal feeling opening, you should possess a Photoshop already installed in your PC. =)

My answer to your 1st excogitate is that you should ever take the "confine of thirds". Envisage your appearance to be unintegrated into two equally-spaced flat lines and two equally-spaced plumb conductor thusly dividing the impression into 9 equalized parts. Thence,  in these 4 lines (2 level and 2 upright lines) there are 4 intersecting points in which it is where you should station your study. (see pledged line for the information).

For your gear questions, what I often do primary in Photoshop is to correct the levels of your person. You can determine the layer option here: (Mortal > Adjustments > Levels) or use the crosscut (ctrl + L). Try aligning the Inglorious mark mortal to the stock of the "elevation formed" histogram and do likewise in the human mark slipper. (see connection)

And lastly for the 3rd contemplate, matching your stratum by selecting your action sheet then matter (ctrl J). Then go to (Mortal > Adjustments > Passage mixer then defend the box in exposure. This will sort your double layer in dim and author. Now, Superior your matching stratum and locomote the Gradation options to overlayer and travel the quality to your liking.

Prospect that these could cypher your job.. =)

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