What is Samsung’s ‘safe taxi service’ application?

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I heard about Samsung's 'safe taxi service' application.

How will it work for the safety of the passengers?

Will we need any extra device to use it?

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What is Samsung’s ‘safe taxi service’ application?


Hello Greg,

If you rely on taxi services to get around more often, then you can admit that as good as the service can be there are cases where you have met a driver who is less courteous or outright scary. Samsung wants to save passengers from such situations and keep them safe.

It is doing this through a patent application that was just published for an end to end taxi service. It is fundamentally a taxi finder that has got a rating system. The mobile application in that patent has the ability to hail a cab that is close by depending on the kindness rating of the driver and as well verify if the vehicle the driver is using is the right one.

Once the passenger enters the cab, the Samsung implementation takes on a shape that is more distinct. In the event that the driver endangers the life of the passenger, a passenger enables SOS mode will flag the location of the car so as to get the police on the scene before the situation becomes worse.



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What is Samsung’s ‘safe taxi service’ application?


The Samsung's Safe Taxi Service has  the following two features that ensure passengers safety

  • It has a passenger activated SOS that should the passengers or vehicle be in danger, sends a message to police so as they arrive on time.
  • the application will ensure that the taxi  that stops for passenger to get into has the right driver(depending on drivers rating) and has a short range of wireless link.

The following images will illustrate how the emergency sos works;



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