What’s the short format of Minus one format?

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I wants to convert a song MP3 to Minus one format. And i downloaded Total Video Converter for doing this.

But now am struggling to find out which is the minus one format?

AAC, AC3, M4A, MMF etc which is the minus one format?

Please tell me briefly.


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What’s the short format of Minus one format?


Hi ReazurBD,

Minus one is not any specific format of Music.

It is mainly soundtrack based music file format which excludes the voice of singer.

It may be in mp3, wave format etc.

There are two ways to get minus one format.

1. WinAmpVocal Removal Plugin-in

 It will play mp3 format files as Minus one format. But you cannot save it as Minus one. It will just mute the voice.

2. Adobe Audition, Soundforge:

These software can re-encode files into Minus one format. Then you have to save it as mp3, wave format.

There is another way but not so effective. You have to convert files from mp3 to midi format.


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What’s the short format of Minus one format?



I have experienced the same problem with Total Video Converter. Minus one format for an audio file means that we have removed the vocals from the audio file, which is used for karaoke purposes. 

Total video converter can’t be used for this purpose; it’s basically used for compressing the audio file. For converting the mp3 file into minus one, I’d rather suggest that you use the free software called audacity. It’s a 20MB software and easily available on the internet, just Google it.

You just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Import the track.
  2. Split Stereo Track.
  3. Invert one of the tracks.
  4. Mono both the tracks.

For a detailed tutorial, you can refer to this video on YouTube I came across,

While exporting the audio file (which is now minus one), you can select from variety of formats available.

The best would be wave format.

Happy computing 🙂

Jack Hostler

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