What programs that show CPU temp in real time do you know

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I have a second computer, and it is damaged.

By this, I mean that after I start the PC, I browse a bit and it shuts down.

I searched online for solutions, installed some software's, changed my power supply and added 2 extra coolers.

Nothing worked so far. My problem is that I can not find out the CPU temp.

I had a software that made an analysis at every 3 minutes.

Can you please tell me some programs that show CPU temp in real time?

I would like to see them increasing or decreasing.

Thank you in advance.

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What programs that show CPU temp in real time do you know


Try the Real Temp software. It is a monitoring program that is specifically designed for Intel Core-based PCs. Every core on the Intel core-based processors contains of DTS or the Digital Thermal Sensor that can convey temperature data comparative to the TJMax which is a protected max running core temp for your CPU. When a CPU became hot, the distance to the TJMax will be reduced. And if it became zero, the processor will begin to thermal regulation or will slow down so amplifying the distance to the TJMax will make your computer run faster and reliable. Download the Real Temp Software. The following are the main features of it:

– It can read the temp information on almost all Intel-core based PCs.

– It can be separately calibrated on each core of the CPU.

– Real Temp software is based on data collected by means of Fluke 62 IR Thermometer.

– The Test Sensors function will check on the DTS sensors for possible problems.

– Records the minimum and maximum temperatures.

– Show the MHz, TJMax, APIC ID, CPUID and the Calibration setup.

– And a lot more.

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