What is the process for doing DRP analysis

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After performing IPL, using iseries, I could alter the internet protocol address from an activated point to an inactivated form. We are about to carry out a DRP analysis and therefore I need to urgently know the process for this. I am expected to tune-set  the current internet protocol address  and deactivate it  and then make active  a DRP internet protocol address after which I am expected to effect an IPL. Sometime ago, after carrying out an IPL, the alterations made on the production and DRP internet protocol address are not carried out. I would like to know the way in which I can set it up such that the alterations made before the IPL is carried out will be achieved.  

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What is the process for doing DRP analysis




for of all you have to select the testing methodologies 

  • The DRP is tested to the fullest extent possible
  • The associated costs are not prohibitive
  • Service disruptions are minimal or non-existent
  • The tests provide a high degree of assurance in recovery capability
  • Evaluation of test results provides quality input to DRP maintenance

Follow these steps for testing. Analyze the test one by one 


1.     The Cycle Testing Paradigm

2.     Walk Through Testing

3.     Simulation Testing

4.     Parallel testing

5.     Full-interruption testing

Just confirm that the result of your tests must meet your desired criteria

After conducting these tests you have done DRP Analysis

Hope this will help you.


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