What is the OS used by old computers?

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Hey pal,

Do you know what is the operating system used by old computers?

I'm just curious to know.

Thanks for anyone who can give me answer.

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What is the OS used by old computers?


Dear Jennifer,

In old computer used operating system  MS DOS. Then came graphical interface MS windows 95. After that MS windows 98, windows me, windows xp, windows vista, win 7 then win 8.



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What is the OS used by old computers?


computers in the very beginning didn't have an operating system and they were huge like rooms.With development in technology

Microsoft and apple introduce MS-DOS and mac os as basic operating systems after that Windows me,2000,xpwhich was a huge success,windows vista,7 and 8 are introduced till now which are gui i.e. graphical user interface 

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What is the OS used by old computers?



I am one of those people who were luckily able to use those early operating systems used on very old computers before. That was during the time when I was still a student and computers are still new and are still on the process of being introduced to people and to different organizations. I was also able to use one of those early monitors where all texts are displayed in green color or in a black and white appearance.

During those times, the easiest way for a person to open a computer is by using DOS or Microsoft DOS. The earliest version of Microsoft Windows that I was able to use that time was only Microsoft Windows 3.1 I think. Before, computer games can only be played by executing or running the executable files of the game from a command prompt or the DOS prompt. It would be hard for a person to play a game if he doesn’t know anything about different DOS commands because you need to navigate yourself on different folders or directories using those DOS commands. If I’m not mistaken, the earliest version of Microsoft DOS that I have during those times is MS-DOS 5.00, MS-DOS 5.25, and I’m not sure if I got the version 7.00.

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What is the OS used by old computers?


Hi Jennifer Brown,

Old computers did not have any operating system. They looked like mainframes. User used the machine for a schedule time, and they had to come with program and data. The machine loaded program and it worked until the program finished or crashed.

Around 1950s, the conception about OS appeared.

In 1956, Robert L. Patrick developed GM-NAA I/O for IBM 704 mainframe

In 1961, Burroughs Corporations developed MCP for B5000 mainframe

In 1966, IBM developed DOS/360

In 1969, some programmers from AT&T Bell developed Unix

In 1977, Berkeley developed BSD

In 1981, Microsoft developed MS-DOS

In 1982, Sun Microsystems developed SunOS

In 1984, Apple Computer developed Mac OS

In 1985, Microsoft developed Microsoft Windows1.0

In 1987, IBM and Microsoft co-operated to develop OS/2

In 1990, Microsoft developed Windows 3.0

In 1991, Linux Torvalds developed Linux

In 1992, Sun Microsystems developed Sun Solaris, and Windows developed Windows 3.1

In 1993, Microsoft developed Windows NT

In 1995, Microsoft developed Windows 95

In 1997, Sun Microsystems developed JavaOS

In 1998, Microsoft developed Windows 98

In 1999, Apple Computer developed MacOS X Server 1.0

In 2000, Microsoft developed Windows 2000 and Windows ME

In 2001, Apple Computer developed MacOS X Version 10.0. And in this year, Microsoft developed Windows XP

In 2003, Microsoft developed Windows Server 2003

In 2007, Microsoft developed Windows Vista

In 2008, Microsoft developed Windows Server 2008

In 2009, Microsoft developed Windows 7

In 2012, Microsoft developed Windows 8

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