What OS do I need in order to make a server.

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What kind of OS do you guys suggest for me to use in order to set up my server. The server needs to have fast upload/download speed and good stability. Should I use an Unix based OS or a windows one, or is there some there a third option. Please state the pros and cons of the certain OS you suggest.

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What OS do I need in order to make a server.


Microsoft Windows is the most common operating system and is a reasonable choice for most people.

 Here are the pros and cons of MS Windows:


   1. The largest library of programs and applications.

   2. Some commercial games work only with Windows and DirectX.

   3. Almost all hardware has drivers which are compatible with Windows.

   4. Most widely used.


   1. Prone to viruses, spyware, and adware if proper steps not taken such as installation of internet  security software, which                     reduces performance speed.          

   2. Requires regular maintenance to avoid system errors and reduced performance.

   3. Even with maintenance, issues can slowly accumulate requiring a re-installation of  Windows to restore performance and fix software issues.

   4. Purchasing a Windows license/install disk can be relatively expensive

   5. Windows Vista, the most recent version of Windows, has high system requirements.

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What OS do I need in order to make a server.


Hello GeorgeClingwall,

I am going do discuss some features of Windows Server and Unix based commonly used Linux server. You better decide according to your feasibility which one suites you and you are comfortable with. We start with installation the Windows Server is easy to install and configure as compared to Linux server. Windows is friendly with in using graphical user interface while Linux configurations are easy to manage in command line interface. Windows is less stable as compared to Linux. Moreover by security point of view it is easy to attack on windows machine instead of Linux machine. Windows processing is a bit slower as that of Linux. Device integration is easy in Windows but a bit technical in Linux. I would suggest you to go for Linux if you have good hands on it. Else use Windows based server.

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