What is new with Photoshop 7.0?

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Hi Experts! I am studying and would want to learn more about PhotoShop 7.0. I am aiming to master every single detail about it since I am using it to earn money. As of now, I built some websites using Dreamweaver. Eventually, I also want to buy PhotoShop CS5. But for now, I want to concentrate on learning Adobe PhotoShop 7.0. My question is what is new with version 7.0? What recommendations can you offer for a beginner like me? I will be happy to hear your suggestions. Thank you.

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What is new with Photoshop 7.0?


The Adobe PhotoShop 7.0 has everything weaved up in one version, it is an advanced version of the PhotoShop meaning you get every editing tool in one. For example the tools used to change color are so updated that you can even decide on how the colors will combine. You can get to zoom your pictures easily and put a size that is desirable to you. It has everything from the digital image basics to special effect, layers, transformation and photo adjustments all this features have a lot in them that will make your work easier and more presentable to the people you work for.

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What is new with Photoshop 7.0?



Welcome to Adobe family. Os you want to learn about the PhotoShop 7. If you are a beginner you have lot to learn. But if you are familiar with earlier versions there are few things to learn.

Actually PhotoShop 7 is my favorite version. It is light, well equipped and work perfectly.

There are few new features it has.

·         It has a tool called healing brush tool that is really useful.

·         It has new and improved file managing system

·         It has new spelling check facility.

·         And also if you are a web designer this is the best to use.

You can get even video tutorials for any kind of thing to do in Photoshop7 in internet.

I attached a tutorial that will give you basic idea.

Thank you.

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What is new with Photoshop 7.0?


Hello Brent,

PhotoShop is one of the best image editing software and you being a web designer, it will be the best for you to use in designing and editing the images to use on the website. Some of the notable features in PhotoShop 7.0 include the following:

It has a healing hair brush for adding and editing colors of the images. There is also the vector text feature.

Another feature in the painting engine for decorating or painting the pictures that you are working with.

Not forgetting the PhotoShop file browser that helps located the files on your computer more easily.

PhotoShop 7.0 also accepts pictures in their raw formats from cameras and allows you to edit them accordingly with the new editing features that have been added.


Lee Hung

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What is new with Photoshop 7.0?


Adobe PhotoShop 7.0 evolves as a powerful tool to modify and managing your digital pictures.Adobe PhotoShop 7.0 provides you with the facilities like combining different images.You can take two images and combine them to single image and Adobe PhotoShop 7.0 does this in a way that you can't tell that the image is combination of two images.It also provide you with the facility to change tone and color complexion of your image,It is very powerful tools which can help you a great deal to manipulate a digital image to your desired way. It basically uses the layered approach it divides image into layers like background layer and you can also divide your image into different layers. Today PhotoShop is used in forensics,web designing and many other fields so one should know about PhotoShop to excel in his or her field.Dreamweaver helps you in website creation but not in digital image editing so you can do this in adobe PhotoShop to enhance the look of your images.

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