What is new in appBlaster v2.0?

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I knew that appBlaster v2.0 is cooperatively cheaper than the first generation. Only 40$ to buy. So, I've doubt about its improvement. Can anybody assure me about its new improvement?

And what is new in it?

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What is new in appBlaster v2.0?


There are some features I given below that helps you very much.

  • Full figure download application.
  • Augmented reality overlays.
  • New capabilities of gaming.
  • Multiple levels fire bullets with high powerful grenades.

Its special features are its compatibility. It is compatible with 3GS, iPhone 4,iPod and Android devices. So can use this because there is no need to use any battery.


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What is new in appBlaster v2.0?


Hi Salie,

There are few improved features in the new version. It has adaptors for iPhone and other Android devices. This is more compatible when compared to the first version.

The lightweight gun and easy reloading are new improvements. The Augmented reality feature is a major improvement.

In order to locate aliens, the players should physically move. The color scheme is stylish. There are dual triggers to fire bullets. There is no battery required for this one.



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