What is the Mystery about PHP/MYSQL

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PHP, being an open source language used by limited no. of people when compared to the costly software developed by Oracle and others. How about this in the future?

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What is the Mystery about PHP/MYSQL



PHP is a scripting language used particular for web development while oracle generally deals in database management system and software developments. So, in my view PHP and oracle are not worth comparable as they deals in different tasks.

We generally use MySQL server as database handler with PHP web development but some of also use oracle database 11 g.

PHP comes with great advantages like fast, light and security as compared to other programming languages for web development. So future of PHP is very strong as compared to other languages which are not open source.

Hope it helps you.

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What is the Mystery about PHP/MYSQL


Hi Aalladi,

As you might know its free and accessible. It's available with documentation in many languages. It can be run on many operating systems. You either use OOPS or not. The main advantage of PHP is PHP supports anonymous functions.

You can run PHP programs in development without a server as it has a command line server. You can connect to multiple database types–relational, NoSQL, etc.–through the
same API.

Also new version PHP 5.3.0 offers a wide range of new features

  • Support for namespaces has been added.
  • Support for Late Static Bindings has been added.
  • Support for jump labels has been added.
  • Support for native Closures has been added.
  • There are two new magic methods, __callStatic() and __invoke().

So PHP is enhancing its features day by day.

Hope this help!

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What is the Mystery about PHP/MYSQL


PHP is a free open source Server side programming language which is being used widely for developing websites. Oracle is a database management system. You can compare PHP with other technologies like ASP.Net, JSP and other. Among these PHP is widely used Web programming language. It is platform independent. You can run it on multiple operating systems like Windows and Linux. As PHP is open source so there are some security threats. That is why governments and large organizations mostly prefer ASP dot net whose development cost greater than a website developed using PHP. PHP community is making PHP more secure. Still PHP has a good future.


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