What is meant by Wireless Networking?

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Please, explain clearly the wireless networking and also mention its advantages and disadvantages.


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What is meant by Wireless Networking?


Wireless network connects all the computers without any type of cables.  So it eliminates the installation costs of cabling into a building or connections between various equipment locations.

Using a transmission system called radio waves, wireless telecommunications networks are generally implemented and administered at the physical level (layer) of the network structure.


1. Flexible to use if there is ad-hoc place when extra workstation was required.

2. Cost of implementation is lower.

3.  Ideal for the non-reachable places such as across river or mountain or rural area.

4.  Ideal for provisional network setups.


1. Compared to wired network it offers lower speed.

2. Less secured.

3. More complicated to design than wired network.

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What is meant by Wireless Networking?


Hi Abbram,

Here is a brief explanation of what wireless network is.

Wireless networks utilize radio waves and/or microwaves to maintain communication channels between computers.

Wireless networking is a more modern alternative to wired networking that relies on copper and/or fiber optic cabling between network devices.

A wireless network offers advantages and disadvantages compared to a wired network.

Advantage of wireless:

1. Mobility and elimination of unsightly cables.

Disadvantages of wireless:

2. Include the potential for radio interference due to weather, other wireless devices, or obstructions like walls.

Wireless is rapidly gaining in popularity for both home and business networking. Wireless technology continues to improve, and the cost of wireless products continues to decrease.

Popular wireless local area networking (WLAN) products conform to the 802.11 "Wi-Fi" standards. The gear a person needs to build wireless networks includes network adapters (NICs), access points (APs), and routers.

Hope this helps,

Steve Rogers

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