What is the meaning of pseudo code?

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I have heard about pseudo code and it is said that it is a very powerful programming tool. What are the advantages of writing pseudo code? How can I write a pseudo code for a program to add any two numbers in QBASIC. Is pseudo code written for high-end programs like antivirus and operating system?

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What is the meaning of pseudo code?

Hi Marco,
Pseudocodes need not be in the form of any programming language. They can not be executed in an actual programming environment but they are sufficient to convey the logic for attaining the given objective. 
The below steps represent a pseudocode for the given objective which is to add two numbers in QBASIC.
Declare Num1 as Integer 
Declare Num2 as Integer 
Declare Result as Integer 
Input Value for Number1 
Input Value for Number2 
Let Output = Number1 + Number2 
Display the output

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