What Is The Meaning Of IPv4 and IPv6 Protocols?

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Whenever I log in to use the internet on my Windows operating system, I usually go to the network setting to check the speed of the network. Sometimes, I am presented with the option to choose between IPv4 and IPv6 but I don’t have any idea what these two options mean? Do you get a performance enhancement by choosing one over the other? What specifically does each of these likely protocols do?

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What Is The Meaning Of IPv4 and IPv6 Protocols?


IP is called the Internet Protocol that addresses any device to connect and communicate with a network.

As you can see from the name, IPv6 (the 6th version) is an updated version of IPv4 (the fourth version).

IPv4 uses a 32-bit address scheme which provides 2^32 addresses. With the rapid growth of internet and electronic devices IPv4 addresses seems to eventually run out and for that reason a newer version which is IPv6 is developed.

Being an updated version IPv6 has advantages, 

– Provides Auto-configuration (though this feature might be used by attackers to announce rogue routers)

– No collisions with private addresses

– Built-in authentication and privacy support

– Flexible options and extensions

– Easier administration

– Provides better security

So my suggestion, choose IPv6 over IPv4.



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What Is The Meaning Of IPv4 and IPv6 Protocols?


I’m not really sure what it is you are doing to check the speed of your connection but the easiest way to check your current speed is by clicking on the small icon on the system tray that appears like 2 monitors. See image.

Doing a single left click on the icon will open your current network’s status. It will show you the total duration that your connection is connected and the maximum speed your connection supposedly can give. You can also disconnect the current connection by clicking on the Disconnect button. Clicking Properties will show the network’s properties. See image.

If you are always being asked in your operating system to select between IPv4 and IPv6 when going to the network settings, you should always select IPv4. IPv6 is the new version of Internet Protocol that should replace IPv4 in the future but it still has many years before it can be implemented. So technically, no one uses IPv6 and if there are a few, they are probably just for testing purposes.

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