What is meant by a computer virus?

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I am curious about computer virus.

Is that have a body like real virus or it just anything more?

And what is the defense against it.

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What is meant by a computer virus?


Few days ago I was personally introduced by a virus mail into an excel sheet that was so fantastic ridiculous and was too harmful for our installed software as a worm.

I was violently astonished to saw this and was unable to work in my excel copy paste sheet.

I was tried to delete this virus mail but unfortunately I couldn't delete the sent mail from excel sheet.

I was very much anxious to guess how that virus mail was send to my computer in an excel sheet?

Later on we uninstall our windows 7 software and it was vanish forever.

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What is meant by a computer virus?


Hello Shopon64,

For your information, computer virus is a kind of SOFTWARE which is very harmful into computers. It can harm or affect our documents, files and other applications on your computer. Take note that a real virus can't affect or spread to your computer without a human assistance.

Computer virus is actually one of the biggest fear of computer's new users. Viruses are actually created by computer users also. You can avoid getting virus by installing antivirus on your computer and make sure that your computer firewall is always on.

Most of all, don't go to a harmful sites and do not open a file or documents which you think has a virus.

For more information go the site below and read it.



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What is meant by a computer virus?


Computer virus don’t have a body like a real virus. Actually, computer virus is a term used to describe malicious program that could harm your computer if it is installed on your computer by accident.

Computer virus could harm your computer more or less sometimes can only slow down it and sometimes you can lose all your computer data.

Level of damage that could be done on your computer depends on the harmfulness of virus and intention of virus program creator who’s usually called intruder.

Defense against computer virus is a good antivirus program installed on your computer. There are many anti-virus programs on the internet and you have to choose the trustful one and install it on your computer to protect it.

Also you should be aware that virus programs are usually sent to your computer through programs that you download and install from untrusted sites so you should be very careful if you intend to visit some untrusted site or download something from there.

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What is meant by a computer virus?


Hello Shopon,

A computer virus is a program that will execute on a system with the intention of messing up your system and the files that you have stored on it. 

A virus is not just anything as you might be thinking it actually might bring down your system completely if you do not set appropriate measures to counter it. The virus comes as a .exe format that when you execute it installs on your system and causes damage to it.

You can protect yourself from the dangers of a virus by scanning your system often using a strong antivirus program which should be updated. Some Antivirus that I will recommend are AVG, Kaspersky and Bitdefender.


Mahesh Babu


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