What is marquee continuous for?

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I am confuse on marquee if it is use for html tagging. 

Does anyone knows about marquee continues, and is it for HTML or on other source codes for other programming? 

Can someone give me some samples of the use of marquee in html and to other programs?

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What is marquee continuous for?


Hi John Pike

Marquee is HTML based projection it supports html tags.

It is used for continuous scrolling of texts and images in various directions.
It is a single text string which can be contains multiple copies of same texts.
There is a limitation on marquee using mouse hover
When you move the mouse over the marquee text area, It will stop until and unless mouse is not moved outside of marquee text area.
The text in each marquee will be all on one line.
You can scroll images/text in various ways
  1. Right to Left
  2. Left to Right
  3. Top to bottom
  4. Bottom to Top
I hope now you will understand this concept very well. Good Luck!
Jhonstoon Leen
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What is marquee continuous for?



Marquee is an HTML element and this is used to insert scrolling text in your webpage.  The tagging used here is <marquee> content </marquee>.  If want to make style it in a fancy manner then you can use CSS.  

Here are some codes I can share of a marquee in HTML:

< marquee > The content will move from right to left. </marquee>
This is the default setting of marquee and how an HTML element looks like.  

<marquee direction="down"> The content will scroll from top to bottom. </marquee>
You can set direction to either: up, down,  left or right.

Attributes that you can add other than direction are:
behavior – choose either scroll, slide or alternate
bgcolor – the background color of you marquee
height – height in pixels
hspace – horizontal margin
vspace – vertical margin

Good luck!



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