What is the linux script avi to flv sh conversion?

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I want to convert one avi file to flv format. I am beginner user of linux and not expert with linux scripts. How can I do the conversion and What is the linux script avi to flv sh conversion?

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What is the linux script avi to flv sh conversion?



In Linux OS, you need the following things before you go ahead:

  1. ffmpeg (http://ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg.html) {Go to download section and choose Linux package}
  2. Any software that can provide the details of a media file like, Mediainfo
  3. AVI file to be converted


The conversion is simply made, through grabbing the audio and video into raw format, and compatible in the other format.
Note: Find out the properties of the avi file which is to be converted so as to convert it in its proper resolution.

Details of my AVI file are as below:

Bitrate : VBR (variable bit rate)
codec : mpeg4 (lavc) DX50
resolution: 640×480
frames per second: 30fps
video size: 5.4MB
sound: mp3
sound size: 1MB
Total size: 6.4MB

  • Download and use the ffmpeg package in the command line terminal window.
  • Use the cd command to locate the video file e.g., video.avi
  • Now, type the command

1)For minimum decent results
(poor quality, but not disturbing)
(resulted file size: less than 6.9MB)

ffmpeg -i input.avi -b 600k -s 320×240 -r 25 -acodec copy movie_600_320_25_.flv

2) For medium results
(resulted file size: 8MB)

ffmpeg -i input.avi -b 1024k -s 352×264 -r 25 -acodec copy movie_1024_352_25_.flv

3) For best results

(resulted file size: 22MB)

ffmpeg -i input.avi -b 2028k -s 640×480 -r 30 -acodec copy movie_2028_640_30_.flv

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