What KB To MB Conversion Formula In Excel?

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Hello everyone, I am working in Excel and have lots of values in kb which need to be converted in mb. Please provide me the formula for KB to MB conversion formula in Excel. Thanks in advance for the help.

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What KB To MB Conversion Formula In Excel?


First, populate your sheet with the data and values you have.

Next, select the range of the data you want to convert. Click on Kutools and choose for content and then go for the unit conversion.

Specify the units you want to convert.

Hit on Apply and then OK.

You can also use the division of the kb from 1024 to convert it into MB.

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What KB To MB Conversion Formula In Excel?


If your version of Microsoft Office Excel is equipped with Kutools, converting from KB to MB would be easy. But if you are using an older version that doesn’t come with Kutools like Microsoft Office Excel 2007 and earlier, you probably have to do the calculations manually by entering the formula in the cell. To convert KB to MB, this formula is used: MB = KB / 1,024.

For example, to convert 800 KB to MB, you will have:

MB = KB / 1,024
MB = 800 / 1,024
MB = 0.78125

This means 800 KB is equal to 0.78125 MB. Now, if you want to do the reverse and convert MB to KB, this formula is used: KB = MB x 1,024. KB is the shortened term for Kilobyte or kilobyte while MB is for megabyte or Megabyte. These units are used to measure digital storage based on “Binary multiples of Bytes.”

For kilobyte, you can use KB or KiB for its symbol and there are 1,024 kilobytes in a megabyte. For megabyte, you can use MB or MiB and there are 0.0009765625 megabytes in a kilobyte.

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