What Is The Importance Of Mobile Application Testing In Today’s Scenario?

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What is the importance of mobile application testing in today’s scenario? Also, explain the entire process and steps involved in carrying out mobile application testing.

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What Is The Importance Of Mobile Application Testing In Today’s Scenario?


With Smartphones dominating the entire world, people are completely dependent on them for most of their present day-to-day needs. Right from paying all bills to order groceries and online shopping, the list seems to be endless. Mobile technology is progressing rapidly with the introduction of many new varieties of applications.

Importance of mobile application testing:

  • Fulfilling customer needs: Thorough testing of an application before releasing it in the market will give an assurance that the application will satisfy all the needs of the customers who use them the most. E.g. Consider an online grocery app. A defect-free application will ensure that is it is in a good working condition. Customers can order groceries using the app by sitting at the comforts of their home.
  • Protecting brand interests: Every application has a particular brand value associated with it. Once the application starts working as per customer expectations, the brand value of the app increases.

 The process of mobile testing is as follows:

  • Unit Testing: The entire application is broken down into individual units/modules and tested separately. This process is carried out by the development team.
  • System Integration testing: In this method, integration of the individual units/components is done and the complete integrated system is tested. Again this process is carried out by the developers.
  • System testing/Functional testing: In this phase, testing of the entire system is done in order to check its functionality and behavior. These tests are usually carried out on a mobile device /tablet by installing the application so that the tester can get a real feel. This is done by the testing team. In case of any defects, they are reported, and accordingly, the bugs get fixed.
  • Performance testing / Load testing: Performance testing of the whole system is done with multiple users trying to access it concurrently. During this phase, the behavior of the application is monitored under heavy loads. Performance testing is essential for any application as many users are bound to access it at the same time.

On successful completion of the above steps, the application is ready to be released into the market.


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