What Is Cdgenps2

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I have a question or two about cdgenps2. What is this program and what will it do? Do you have to use cdgenps2 if you want to create a CD for PS2? I am trying to create a UNIX system CD for my PS2. I actually have all the files you want, but after I just created them in Associate Degree ISO (with magiciso), the CD did not start (I victimize cogswap)). Do I want to use cdgenps2 to create the files in ISO Associate Degree and then burn that ISO to a CD? Do I still need to change the LBA of SYSTEM.cnf or is it just for the Independence Operating CD?

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What Is Cdgenps2


Answers to all your questions Let me tell you that this is a PS2 disk image generator designed for games based primarily on PS2 CDs.

Not necessarily, you can create a PS2 game picture with Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus, Alcohol or Sony CDVDGenerator. However, the image for PS2 is easy to create.

It might be easier to take advantage of cdgenps2. However, save the image file as Bin & Cue, not ISO.

The order of the files sometimes contains the first SYSTEM.CNF, then the file eleven, then the rest of the files.

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