What is Inheritance in C++ Programming?

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I need someone who is good at object-oriented programming (OOP) to help me understand the concept of inheritance as used in C++ programming. Why do I need to understand this concept? How do I develop this understanding and what are some of the benefits of knowing how to use this concept in developing codes?

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What is Inheritance in C++ Programming?

The 3 extra-ordinary features that are present in OOP are inheritance,
polymorphism, encapsulation. Inheritance has a predominant use in 
C++ because it is used for hierarchical classifications. In Inheritance
we create a general class that possesses all the key aspects.
We inherit various other classes from the above general class i.e 
parent class. The main types of inheritance are single inheritance,
multiple inheritance, hierarchical inheritance, multi level inheritance
and hybrid inheritance. For further reading go through  C++ complete
reference(3rd edition) by HERrbertShildt

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